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Untagged  24 May 2008 2:00 AM
by The Web Team

It is about impossible to personally express our gratitude to all those who helped us at overcoming our pain of loosing Iñaki, we would like to tell that through the words of so many cheer messages, through the vital cooperation and the work developed along those intense days of personal efforts at fighting his deadly disappearing, have been an important medicine to sooth our pain.


The disappearance of someone as healthy and stable, so bright and joyful as Iñaki has awaken a social solidarity movement with his way of walking through life and mountains, far above expectations. By noticing the help you all wanted to bring him right in front of death, you allow us to believe and feel that there are reasons not to forget his joy, and to hope that his style helps others to build their own love for freedom.


Father, Mother and Brothers of Iñaki Ochoa de Olza Seguín, May 23, 2008


Siendo imposible expresar personalmente nuestra gratitud a cuantos han contribuido a mitigar el dolor por la pérdida de Iñaki, queremos manifestar, por medio de esta nota, que tantos mensajes de ánimo, colaboración vital y la aportación de intensas jornadas de esfuerzo personal para luchar contra su mortal desaparición han sido un paliativo muy importante para nosotros.


La desaparición de alguien tan sano y cabal, lúcido y alegre como Iñaki ha despertado un reflujo social de solidaridad con su forma de andar la vida y la montaña muy por encima de cualquier expectativa. Al constatar la ayuda que habéis querido prestarle frente a la muerte, nos permitís el importante consuelo de creer y sentir que hay razones para no olvidar su alegría, y esperar que su estilo sirva a otros para construir su propio amor a la libertad.


Los padres y hermanos de Iñaki Ochoa de Olza Seguín, a 23 de mayo de 2008

Untagged  24 May 2008 2:00 AM
Safely in base camp and possibly flying out by The Web Team

(8:37 PM Nepal time) Don, Denis, Ueli, Serguey and Dr. Robert are safely in base camp. Don indicated that it was a long, crazy decent.


Four Sherpas voluntarily have remained in C2. They are Pemba Ongchu Sherpa, Ongchu Sherpa, Mr. Wangchu Sherpa, Chhiring Finjo Sherpa. Tomorrow morning they will descend with the medical supplies and remaining gear.


Inaki's Support team emphasized "We are still here and will be until everybody is safely evacuated from the mountain.... We will provide Helicopter/s for those who wish go back to Katmandu. All we want to do is to help all climbers, rescuers and Sherpas get outta there. We want to show our deepest love and appreciation to all of you."


(Edited 10:55 PM Nepal time) The reported decision of those in BC is to fly on Monday rather than tomorrow. They forecast a better weather window for a helicopter to land and fly out.

Untagged  24 May 2008 2:00 AM
Tired and relieved to be off the wall by The Web Team
( 11:15am Nepal time) “Denis and I met Ueli descending the ropes on the face of the Wall. Ueli is fine. We had a couple of close calls with avalanches. Everything was OK because we were on the ropes. The weather is still poor with low light and low visibility. We're tired. I'm relieved to be at the bottom of the wall. We're heading down to C2. Serguey, Dr. Robert and a number of Sherpas are waiting for us. We'll reach them in about 15 minutes once we’ve crossed the glacier.”
Untagged  24 May 2008 2:00 AM
Don and Denis head up towards C4 to meet Ueli who is descending by The Web Team
(7:40 am Nepal Time) My batteries are running lo, so I’ll keep this short: “The weather is terrible. Visibility is poor and there are many avalanches. Ueli left Camp 4 this morning - he is somewhere between Camp 4 and Camp 3. Denis and I are heading up to meet him. We hope to be down in Camp 2 by this evening.”
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